Energising Your Life

Connect. Play. Transform.

Energising Your Life workshops provide insights into key issues in your life, and offer valuable, creative tools for self-healing.

Releasing stress whilst having fun is just one of the benefits.  Nia Black Belt Fitness Instructor and Wellbeing Coach, Helen Allen, has held workshops in the UK, Greece, South Africa, Israel and Russia, and Jersey, using a fusion of Nia, guided visualisation, intuitive art, and vocal toning.


Above: Helen Allen (centre) at Energising Your Life Workshop in South Africa

Video: Energising Your Life Workshop in London

A window to your inner world, visualisation is a powerful way to surface the unconscious drive directing your life and shaping your health.

Video: Nia Black Belt training, London. With Nia co-founder, Debbie Rosas


“Helen Allen is a spiritual artist who helps people to create a life that is profoundly healing, joyful, and loving.”

Robert Holden (Ph.D.) – Psychologist and Author

Energising Your Life (EYL)

Learn how to embrace and celebrate your creative self. Why? Because it holds powerful ways to heal your life and make you feel full of enrgy and joy.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he (she) grows up.

Setting aside a time and a place for your inner child to “play” is paramount to transformation happening. 

Energising Your Life workshops provide a safe space where you can connect, with your feelings, gain valuable insights, play and transorm!

The freedom of letting go in a creative space leads to inspiration and wellbeing.

Energise your body, mind and spirit

  1. Discover simple ways to feel more energised
  2. Learn how to improve your health 
  3. Calm your mind, find your flow, release stress 
  4. Gain new insights into key issues in your life
“Helen’s workshop left me feeling open, inspired, creative, energised and balanced. Helen is a wonderful facilitator and her varied training is a gift to all those she works with, making this workshop a truly unique experience.”
Lana Sussman

(MA) Drama and Movement Therapist, Sydney, Australia


Listen. Connect. Respond.

Ignoring your feelings will only lead to misery. Even if you feel bad about something now, that part of you wants to be felt, to be heard, to be accepted, to be loved. By you.

Energising Your Life (EYL) creative seminars are a fusion of guided visualisation, intuitive art, Nia, vocal toning and percussion. 

Helen has held successful retreats and workshops in Russia, Greece, South Africa, Israel, Jersey and the UK since 2004. 

Energise. Enjoy. Now.

Making the effort to respond to yourself in a way that nurtures, nourishes and energises you is a fundamental commitment needed to enable the process of self healing. Working with Helen, you will:

Gain new insights into key issues in your life

Discover simple ways to feel more energised

Improve your wellbeing using your natural creativity

Find your flow and release stress naturally

Tune into your body and calm your mind

I really got a lot out of the creative visualisations and the intuitive painting. Images that came up during that part of the workshop, have carried on working for me.
Vivienne Vermes (France)

Actor & Writer – author of The Barefoot Road

Thank you for the wonderful workshop. It was inspiring, uplifting and left me with much to process in the days that followed.

Wish I could have stayed for longer and longer!

Nazeema (Cape Town)

EYL Participant

Helen is a wonderful facilitator. She beautifully held the space with empathy, respect and kindness. I left feeling open, inspired, creative, energised and balanced. Her varied training is a gift to all those she works with.
Lana Susman (Australia)

MA Drama and Movement Therapy

It totally got me out of my mind and into my body. Because I have so much mental busyness, mental exercises don’t help me get into my body! It was better for me to do something to get me into my body!

Andrea Fiscal, (Canada)

Climate Change & Sustainability Specialist – Be the Change Group Inc.

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