I’m Helen Allen

Artist. Coach. Writer.

Are you aware of what prevents you from thriving every day? Do you know how to extract joy out of every moment, without denying any feelings of sadness or pain? Universal joy isn’t about being happy or sad, but connecting to the essence of who you are.

My forthcoming online course and book Art of Being You offers step-by-step guidance for energising your life, a way of living life as art. This practical guide to improving your wellbeing has proven methods on how to:

  • Use the power of intention for healing
  • Understand your conflicts and illnesses
  • Conquer the ‘blame game’.

Video: Interview with Helen Allen on the Healing Power of Intuitive Painting

 I learnt that our bodies always tell the truth; if my throat felt sore, there is a voice within that pain that I can listen to and  understand what it needs to heal.

Designed to help you gain new insights into key issues in your life. Offers tools for self-healing and helps you to calm your mind, find your flow and release stress naturally. 


“Helen Allen is a spiritual artist who helps people to create a life that is profoundly healing, joyful, and loving.” 
Robert Holden (Ph.D.) – Psychologist and Author

Energising Your Life
8-week online course: Art of Being You

Sense. Connect. Receive.

Art of Being You

Inspiration and support for improving your wellbeing

Understanding Yourself

Listening to and aligning with your authentic self 


Understanding deeper issues that affect you


Practical steps to reclaiming your wellbeing


There’s always a way to feel better


Being in the zone with effortless power


Your path to inner peace


Always in a place of receiving

Feel Better Now

Learn how to feel better every day through knowing how to process and manage your feelings.

When you’re feeling out of sorts, it’s easy to sink into doubt.  Self-sabotage can swing into action and steer you into rough waters.

Your ‘inner doctor’ is able to bring you back into wellness.

Even when you have severe physical symptoms, you can reach for wellbeing on the emotional or mental level. 

You can even prevent illness from recurring.

Art for Inspiration

Your house is your castle and your walls can be windows to your dreams.

Choose art that you connect with, that inspires you.

I love having Helen’s paintings on my walls; they are music to my eyes, bring joy to my home, and comfort to my soul. 
L. A. Perkins

Attorney, Perkins Law, FLorida USA

One-to-One Online Coaching

Flexible time slots to support your busy schedule, anywhere in the world. Sessions last 40 minutes.

One-to-One Online Coaching

I am based in London, so you are welcome to work with me in a private setting. Sessions last 60 minutes.

Ebook: 3 Steps to Feeling Better

Learn practical ways to find your flow, be inspired and feel better. There’s no time like the present.
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Working with you has had a profound effect on the way I view and live my life.

The dream work we did changed the way I perceive dreams and I still think about the messages that surfaced through the guided visualisations.

The inner work allowed me to develop a relationship with my higher self.

Thank you for helping me perceive my place (and role) in my life more lovingly and for helping me step into my life in a positive, healthy and happy manner.

I love my life and I feel fully involved in the living of it and I learnt a major part of how to do that with you. Thank you.

Kate Paxton (USA)


“Helen has a lovely gift of openness to offer in a world where that is so rare. She has a great ability to make a person feel safe.”

Tom Carpenter, (Hawaii)

Internationally renowned teacher/author

You help me so much in my life. You wake up a side of me that had gone to sleep!

Karen Blieden

Start Feeling Better Now

Tune into yourself and notice if your focus is in your head or in your body.

EXERCISE – Find your balance right now
Begin with sensing your feet. Notice your contact with the ground. How does it feel? Even all round?… more to the left? Front? Insides?

Connecting with yourself begins with becoming aware of your feelings and sensations. Doing “inner work” involves allowing yourself to be guided through visualisation techniques which can reveal valuable insights on your path in life.

The process heightens your intuitive skills, helping you to gain access to your inner wisdom. This provides an inner landscape where you can develop trust in your own, inner guidance.

You have the power to change

It is quite remarkable how the power of your mind can influence your body.

Imagery is a window to your inner world; a creative way of viewing your own ideas, feelings and interpretations.

Visualisation is a powerful way to surface the unconscious drive directing your life and shaping your health. You can use it to get where you want to be in your life.

Working together, we can help transform your life and free you from conflict, tension… and even pain.

Energising Your Life: Online Resources

Wellness eBook

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✓   Simple methods you can start using immediately

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8 Week Online Course

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Calm your mind, find your flow and release stress naturally
Gain new insights into key issues in your life


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