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Helen Allen

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Art of Movement

Withing these atmospheric paintings lies a strong theme of human expression, embellished in the form of movement in dance and in music. Depicted in the blend of visual metaphors are many states of awareness and being.

Here I have explored my enthusiasm for the free flowing proeprties of watercolour, allowing me to express spontaneously from the world of feeling.


My voice felt trapped my whole life. After decades of sore throats, and an inability to speak up for myself, I delved deeper into my unconscious mind. I went on an inner journey, and discovered how the outer world was a mirror of my inner world.

I found that change needed to begin on the inside. I freed up my voice, and embraced my inner musician.


Following my training in Mental Colour Therapy, which uses colour from flowers visualised in sunlight began to seek a more harmonious relationship with flowers particularly – as an allergy to their pollen had plagued me all my life.

My allergy subsided, and eventually disappeared completely, as I explored painting these divine expressions of nature.


Vocal Toning is a system of healing, using vowel sounds to alter vibrations in every cell in the physical body, while also resonating the etheric fields.

While painting this series, I was practising the art of vocal toning and tapped into the power of intention for healing and transformation.


In 1993 I discovered intuitive painting, a process that allowed deep symbols from my unconscious mind to surface, and provided a perfect roadmap for my personal journey.

It has helped to bring my inner voice into vision. Each painting has revealed the subtlest levels of change in my life, and brought me great insight and understanding.


Every day when I wake up, my first view of the world is the picturesque scene of our small, London village. The view always makes me feel inspired, blessed and grateful to be here.

Behind our cottage runs this ancient Brook, filled with over 30 species of bird, my favourite being the Grey Heron. The village with its close-knit community, has been around since 1908.

Playful and lyrical expression of being. Inner child meets higher self.
River Goulbon

Lyrical movements that have so much musical inspiration and energy to them.
Peggy Rhiannon Cole

Your paintings are full of colour, movement and light – a great pleasure to see. They are a wonderful statement of paint used with joy and freedom and spontaneity.
Jane Cory-Wright

Past Exhibitions

2005  Art Show, Moscow, Russia: Solo
2005  East Finchley Open: Group
2004  East Finchley Open: Group
2001  Catto Gallery, Hampstead: Group
2000  Catto Gallery, Hampstead: Group
1997  Florians Restaurant, Crouch End: Solo
1997  Art Connoisseur, Crawford St: Group
1997  Whittaker Arts, Hove: Group
1997  Alexandra Gallery, Wood Green: Solo
1996  Knapp Gallery, Regents Park: Solo
1996  Alternative Art, Spitalfields: Solo
1996  Highgate Woods Cafe: Solo
1996  Chorak, East Finchley: Solo
1996  Quest ’96, Newton Abbot: Group
1995  Newcastle Fine Art Gallery, Northumberland: Solo
1995  International trade Fair NEC: Solo
1994  International trade Fair NEC: Solo
1994  Phoenix Theatre: Solo
1994  International trade Fair NEC: Solo

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