There's always a way to feel better

Above/below: Helen Allen leading a NIA demo -Filmed at The Vitality Show, Earl’s Court, London 2010

Above: Helen Allen leading a a vocal toning session - at Energising Your Life in Cape Town, South Africa. 2009

Watch videos of Nia in action...

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Videos of Helen’s classes/workshops

See people enjoying Nia, vocal toning and intuitive painting workshops and classes. It might help you decide if you ‘d like to try one!

Above: Helen Allen facilitating a creative workshop in Israel - Energising Your Life, Studio Tararam, Israel 2010

Above: Helen Allen facilitating a Nia session at Coaching Happiness, a training programme run by Dr Robert Holden London, 2011

Above: Nia session led by Helen Allen at Robert Holden’s Loveability workshop, London July 2011

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