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Phone Coaching with Helen Allen –

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Call Helen now to find out if Inner Work will be suitable for you.

+44(0)20 8371 9333

Phone coaching with Helen Allen

Benefits of phone coaching:

  1. Getting help when you need it

  2. Support when you are away from home

  3. Back up for clients already engaged in the Inner Work process

  4. Opportunity for clients living outside London, UK

Supporting yourself when you most need it

Skype or phone

After you have confirmed

your sessions with Helen

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Flexible time slots to support your busy schedule!

And for those times when you need support and one-to-one sessions in London are not an option for you. Helen is flexible and will do what she can to fit in with your schedule.

  1. BulletSession duration is 40mins 

  2. BulletChoose Skype or landline

  3. BulletPay online or by cheque or bank transfer

  4. BulletAll sessions are confidential

Through Inner Work sessions with Helen Allen, you will journey into your inner world, through guided visualisations. You’ll learn how to draw on your intuition to understand the images you see and embrace your true feelings around key issues.

This deeply healing process helps you move forward in your life. It strengthens your connection to your inner guidance. Feeling calmly confident about the steps you take will become second nature.

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Course of 4 sessions – £160

(can be spread over 10 weeks) Saves £20

Course of 8 sessions – £300

(can be spread over 14 weeks) Saves £60

One session – £45




“Helen is a spiritual artist who helps people to create a life that is profoundly healing, joyful and loving.”

Dr Robert Holden, leading psychologist and author

+44 20 8371 9333

Choose from 3 options for 40 minute sessions