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Helen Allen joined leading psychologist, Robert Holden’s Happiness team in 2007, bringing into the mix, her skills and techniques as a Wellbeing coach and Nia Fitness Instructor.

Nia, based on the Joy of Movement, is an holistic fitness programme which fits in naturally with Robert’s work on choosing to feel the joy within.

Helen has trained as a success and happiness coach with Dr Robert Holden in the UK and in New York.

Be Happy

Helen Allen, with psychologist and bestselling author,

Dr Robert Holden

“Helen is a spiritual artist who helps people to create a life that is profoundly healing, joyful

and loving.” Robert Holden, Ph.D.

True health is a balance of wholeness in

mind, body and spirit.

Robert Holden (PhD) is a leading psychologist and author, whose innovative work on happiness and success has been featured on Oprah, Good Morning America & Hay House Radio. Robert founded the ‘Happiness Project’ in the 90’s. Today it’s an 8 week course on CD, online, and still a live event.

Above: Helen Allen (centre), leading a movement session based on the principles of the Nia technique, at Robert Holden’s ‘Happiness Now’ workshop, London 2008

Helen Allen - on Robert Holden’s team

Helen works on the team with Dr Robert Holden at his personal development seminars, keeping participants energised with Nia moves.

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people getting fit while having FUN

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Helen shares her inspirational thoughts on Twitter. You can also hear her latest news there.

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paintings, sculptures and photography by Helen Allen

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Far left: Helen with the group at Robert Holden’s recent ‘Love & Fear’ weekend workshop. London 2010

Left: Helen (holding rose up high) with Robert Holden and his team at the end of his ‘Love & Fear’ workshop. London 2010

Helen Allen (far left) leading a movement session at Robert Holden’s Be Happy event

News Update

Watch Helen’s movement session at Robert Holden’s 5 day Coaching Happiness course.

Helen Allen ran Energising Your Life workshops in Jersey at the Wellbeing Festival in April. She was interviewed by BBC Radio Jersey.

Helen led a movement session for 65 people from around the globe at Robert Holden’s 5 day Coaching Success course.

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Helen recently completed her Nia Blue Belt teacher training in Israel

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