Born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, where the rich colours of the African landscapes deeply impressed her sense of colour, Helen's journey through art has led her on valuable explorations in her quest for truth and healing.

Helen lives in London with her husband and daughter. She also has two stepchildren. (and a cat!)

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"Helen has a lovely gift of openness to offer in a world where that is so rare. Her defencelessness allows others to join her in the ‘safe place’ she has found within herself. She has a great ability to make a person feel safe"  Tom Carpenter, author of Dialogue on Awakening

About Helen Allen 

Helen is a wellbeing coach and fitness instructor with more than 25 years’ experience in the wellbeing industry. Working with Helen can help you build your self esteem, your self confidence and enable you to live your life more joyfully.

Wellbeing coach and fitness instructor

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There's always a way to feel better

Helen helps people gain clarity around key issues in their lives, in order to move forward with wholeness and joy. As a wellbeing coach with more than 25 years’ experience in the wellbeing industry, Helen uses  simple methods, tried and tested in her own life, to bring about understanding and healing.

Energising Your Life

Helen is founder of Energising Your Life (EYL) – a creative platform offering a fusion of guided visualisation, intuitive painting, vocal toning, percussion, and the Nia technique. EYL has held successful retreats, seminars and workshops in Russia, Greece, Israel, South Africa, the UK and Jersey since 2004.

Inner Work Facilitator

Helen is a facilitator of Inner Work, a process which enables you to connect with your feelings and find clarity, release and truth. Through this process, many issues can be resolved e.g. low self esteem, lack of confidence and repetitive symptoms.

Intuitive Art Teacher

A published fine artist, Helen discovered the true healing value of intuitive painting in the early ‘90s – a process that connects you with your feelings and encourages you to express them freely, without judgement – which results in deeper self-acceptance and joy. 

Nia Fitness Instructor

Helen is a certified Nia Blue Belt instructor and Nia 5 Stages teacher. She has been teaching Nia in London for the past six years.

Helen has taught Nia at: London’s Mind Body Spirit festival, The Vitality Show, LA Fitness, Fitness First and the Laboratory Spa & Health Club. She has taught Nia to 100s of participants during seminars led by Robert Holden, including at his 5 day event in New York hosted by Hay House.


Determined to find natural ways to heal 25 years of persistent sore throats, Helen studied Mental Colour Therapy in 1984, with Lily Cornford. The technique is based on visualising colours of specific flowers and channelling them through the hands, to a various parts of the body.

"This technique has been invaluable in my healing process. Through integrating it with Inner Work and Vocal Toning, I've freed my voice and healed my throat" says Helen.

About Helen…

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Left: Helen Allen, Robert Holden

Helen has worked on the team with Robert Holden, Ph.D., leading psychologist and author, in his Success Intelligence seminars and Happiness workshops, for the past five years. She has also completed his Coaching Success Coaching Happiness intensives.